The Family Pack

Regular price $299.00
The Family Pack includes everything you need to address concerns of falls, wellness and loneliness in a new collaborative way. Installation is fast and simple.

Smart Home Center:

The Smart Home Center makes the system intelligent. Simply plug it in to securely connect the home with the free People Power Family mobile app. This Smart Home Center requires the home to have wired internet.
(If your home does not have wired internet and requires a cellular connection, please contact and we'll give you some options!)

1 Assist Button:
The Family Pack comes with 1 Assist Button. Push it at any time to alert other people in your Trusted Circle that assistance is needed or record when medicine is taken.

2 Entry Sensors:
The Family Pack comes with 2 Entry Sensors. They attach to a home’s high-traffic doors in just minutes. With additional Entry Sensors available at the Family Store, you can know when perimeter doors, medicine cabinets or refrigerators open and close.

3 Motion Sensors:
The Family Pack comes with 3 Motion Sensors to generate alerts of potential falls, sleep problems, and more. We recommend one motion sensor for every 500 square feet of living space, and more are available for purchase in our online store.